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Today, we're talking about something truly revolutionary:

Sustainable mushroom packaging.

Yep, you read that right – mushrooms aren't just

for pizzas anymore!

So, what's the deal with this mushroom magic?

Well, imagine packaging that's not only protecting your products but also saving the planet

one shipment at a time. Sounds too good to be true? Let's break it down.

What's the Hype About?

Say goodbye to harmful polystyrene and plastic foams and say hello to mycelium – the root-like structure of mushrooms. Teamed up with upcycled organic materials like hemp, this dynamic duo creates packaging that's not only sustainable but also home compostable. Plus, it's water-resistant and flame-resistant – talk about a superhero of packaging!

The process behind mushroom packaging:

Upcycling: Collaborating with regional farmers and textile industries, discarded crop fibers and residues are repurposed as nourishment for mushroom mycelium cells.

Mycelium Creation: The intricate network of fungal roots renowned for its natural ability to decompose debris and facilitate nutrient transfer among plants. Mycelium is cultivated to form the foundational structure of the sustainable packaging, a testament to nature's resilience and innovation.

Package Design: Leveraging the inherent flexibility of mycelium, bespoke packaging solutions can be crafted to meet the diverse needs of businesses and products. This revolutionary material not only reduces energy consumption but also boasts 100% compostability. And the best part? 

It only takes seven days for your custom packaging to come to life!

Did you know?

Big brands like Lush and Seedlips are already onboard

the mycelium train!

Why Mushroom Packaging

is the future:

Biobased: Experience streamlined efficiency as custom packaging is crafted and delivered within a mere seven days, thanks to the innovative bioprocess.

Home Compostable: Once you're done with it, toss it in your home compost and watch it work its


Hydrophobic: Rain or shine, your products are protected from the elements.

Flame Resistant: Rest easy knowing that your packaging is flame resistant, safeguarding your products from fire damage

So, what are you waiting for?

Join the mushroom revolution and let's make the world

a greener, cleaner place – one package at a time!


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