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SCOPE OF WORK : Social Media Management

MediaMint is a leading digital marketing services provider. Their vision is to be a transformative operating partner for media and technology clients worldwide. We partnered with them to create social media content to improve their employee branding to bring their vision in front and to engage their team of 1000+ employees.


We wanted to create social media content that would showcase the company's culture, values, and team. Our strategy for Mediamint's employee branding was focused on three key areas:


Attracting top talent: MediaMint wants to attract the best and brightest talent to the company. To do this, they use their Instagram and Facebook page to showcase their company culture and the benefits of working at MediaMint.

Engaging employees: MediaMint wants to engage their employees and create a sense of community within the company. To do this, they use their social media pages to share employee stories, highlight employee accomplishments, and promote company events.

Retaining employees: MediaMint wants to retain their employees and create a long-term career path for them. To do this, they use their Instagram & Facebook page to share company news, updates on new projects, and opportunities for professional development.


The types of posts we used includes:

  • Employee Spotlights

  • Employee Accomplishments

  • Company Events and Culture

  • Relatable Entertaining Content

The content that was created by Design Journal was well-received by MediaMint's Team. The posts were engaging and informative, and they helped to create a sense of community. The content also helped to attract and retain top talent.

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