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Aqua Gems

SCOPE OF WORK : Package Design

Aqua Gems by Sandhya Aqua is a leading shrimp exporter and has been providing an extensive range of frozen packed shrimps to the markets of the US and Canada. The brand is available in several stores including Sam’s Club. The shrimp products are exclusively procured from hatcheries and farms adhering to a stringent code of ethics and responsible practices.


The primary objective of the project was to rejuvenate Aqua Gems' reach and market presence. We worked on building a brand identity that would enhance customer trust and appeal to a broader audience. The packaging was redesigned to convey Aqua Gems' commitment to transparency and quality.


We conducted extensive research on consumer preferences, seafood packaging trends, and competitor analysis. This research aided in identifying the elements that should be prioritized in creating the brand identity and packaging design.

To create modernized package designs that showcased Aqua Gems' exceptional products, we recognized the need for a distinctive logo that would captivate consumers on store shelves. Our redesign featured a contemporary script font and incorporated a minimalistic shrimp silhouette. The tagline was strategically placed below the logo, adding further appeal and communicating the brand's essence.

Aquagem logo-01.png

Old Package


New Package

To brighten up the package design and catch shoppers’ attention, we traded the dull blue color scheme for vibrant colors that were unique to each type of shrimp product.


The Design Journal team executed the chosen concept by designing transparent packages that displayed the shrimps within. We minimized the copy on the packaging to avoid overwhelming consumers and showcased the most important product features using creative linguistics.


Our meticulously crafted packaging proved to be a game-changer, boosting brand visibility on shelves and streamlining transportation and logistics operations. With distinctive color schemes and clear labeling, product sorting became a breeze, leading to faster order fulfillment and smoother distribution. The success of our packaging design even extended to Aqua Gems' Canada-bound products, further contributing to an enhanced customer experience and operational efficiency.

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