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The Color Factory

SCOPE OF WORK : Package Design and Social media


The Color Factory is an enterprise that helps unfold creativity into every artist's page. Along with spreading the wonders of artistry by conducting class, workshops, and exhibition, they also put art supplies up for sale for both student grade and artist grade. They value and take pride in their students' artwork.



We were approached by The Color Factory with an idea of showcasing a painting of one of their students on the packaging of one such item. So, we aspired to design the packaging in a way that it is relatable to a child and captivates their eye. The colors and typography are quirky, fun and engaging.

It is a children's painting kit that includes a canvas board and multi-colored Rangeela paints.  There is no need for any guidance as there are outlined drawings with a complete color reference attached.  A kit like this helps children take a step forward by themselves and invoke their innovative side.

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