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Zalo Fresh

SCOPE OF WORK : Package Design

Zalo Fresh is a prominent fish company based in the USA, specializing in the sale of high-quality, sustainable seafood products. Zalo Fresh caters to various market segments, including supermarkets, distributors, club stores, and food service providers. 


The primary objective was to conceptualize a new bulk packaging design that would effectively highlight Zalo Fresh's commitment to sustainability while introducing simplicity and a refreshing range of contrasting colors. By breaking away from traditional packaging monotony, the aim was to captivate consumers' attention and differentiate the brand in the market.


We began by thoroughly examining Zalo Fresh's existing visual identity, including elements such as logo, packaging, and overall brand image. Simultaneously, a comprehensive analysis of local market competitors' packaging strategies was conducted. This process provided crucial insights into the current market trends and established a benchmark for Zalo Fresh's visual identity.

The design incorporated clean lines, minimalist elements, and prominently featured the Zalo Fresh logo to ensure strong brand recognition. Additionally, a carefully curated color palette was introduced, comprising contrasting hues that broke away from conventional seafood packaging, creating a distinct visual identity for Zalo Fresh.

By prioritizing sustainability and visual appeal, Zalo Fresh positioned themselves as a trusted provider of high-quality, sustainable seafood, fostering customer loyalty and driving business growth in a competitive industry.

Zalo Fresh sought our packaging prowess for Squid products—both fresh and cooked Shrimp. With retail shelves in Mexico as the target. Combining sleek design, vibrant colors, and enticing imagery, Design Journal crafted a visually striking solution. Over time we also create a line of transparent packaging. Clear packaging allows customers to visually inspect the quality and freshness of the seafood before making a purchase. It instills a sense of trust and transparency, reassuring consumers about the product's condition. The visibility of the seafood inside the packaging also allows for easy identification, making it more enticing and appealing to potential buyers.

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