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Art Blend Cafe

SCOPE OF WORK : Logo design

The Art Blend Café Deliite is a bistro that encourages young and old artists to portray their artistic skills in a charming ambiance.  Brimming with the sweet aroma of coffee, the soft hustle, and talent, the place forms a world of its own. This cafe has taken a new and interesting turn to serve food too.


We were given the opportunity to embellish the brand by designing their logo, menus, and giveaway items.  We aspired to make people aware of the new idea this company brought out so we designed a logo that is a comprehensible pictorial depiction of art and food linked together. Signage and fixtures throughout the outlet are in warm yellow shades that invites people of all ages to spend time socializing and bonding over coffee chaats and international cuisine. We also created hand drawn illustrations and framed them on walls of the outlet to depict the various cuisines offered at the outlet. The composition we created for the menu is lively with a warm undertone that outlines the atmosphere of the café.

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