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Desi Qulfi

Desi Qulfi, a Bangalore based kulfi store sells delightful variety of kulfis using natural ingredients, pure milk and authentic fruit pulp. The store was looking to add a modern touch to the desi appeal of their flavoursome Kulfis.

Design Journal conceptualized the logo and branding strategy to vivify a design that appeals to the masses across age groups. The aim was to keep alive the homely goodness of the popular sweet and provide a contemporary image to the brand.

The logo is designed with complementing typography and lively font to bring forth a new age brand identity while reinforcing the home-grown desi vibe. The clever use of distinct imagery enhances the brand visibility and prominently highlights the product. The visual identity of brand is enriched with the colour palette – pink, blue and yellow and the playful combination of these vibrant colours evokes the pleasant memories of summer days with delicious kulfis. The wisely designed poster brings a quirky touch to the visuals and amplifies brand’s key selling points.

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